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Purchase a Tv online and get it installed by seasoned experts

No TV? No problem. We source all of our Samsung and Sony TVs from local, trusted wholesale electronics providers, guaranteeing a seamless installation and configuration process through one provider. Plus, we price match our TVs with other providers.

Why buy a Tv and get it installed by the same service provider?

As with any home or business technology upgrade, coordinating separate companies and service providers is the biggest headache. Not to mention, by working with several different providers makes room for mistakes, miscalculations, miscommunications, and a variety of other “mis”es that can result in a less-than-perfect TV or audio setup.

When you work with Bat City TV, however, we promise:

Seamless process

Have less people entering your space and take the stress of coordinating teams off of your plate – Bat City TV does it all. 

One set price

Get a quote for the entire service, including the price of the television you choose. Know what you’ll pay from the start.

Quality assurance

Buy a Samsung or Sony TV online from a trusted provider, and have it installed by the same company. We make it easy for you.

We give our clients the best by sourcing High-performing TVs from the best brands on the market

Samsung CU7000 TV – trust Austin's top TV installers for all of your needs.
Bat City Samsung CU8000
Samsung Frame TV – call us today to get a quote on your TV installation.
Samsung Q60C TV – sold, installed, and configured by Bat City TV.
Samsung Q70C TV – buy yours and get it installed by professionals today.
Samsung Q80C TV – Bat City TV sells and installs high-quality home and business technology.
Samsung QN800C TV – Bat City TV installs and configures TVs in Austin.
Samsung QN85C TV – call Bat City TV for all of your Austin TV installation needs.
Samsung QN900C TV – contact Bat City for a TV installation quote today.
Samsung QN90C TV – Bat City TV sources and installs televisions in Austin.
Samsung QN95C TV – purchase your TV and have it installed in Austin.
Samsung S90C TV – Bat City TV sources and installs TVs in the Austin area.
Get started with Austin’s top TV installers

From sourcing, to installation, and more, bat city TV has you covered

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