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We give our clients the best by sourcing High-performing TVs from the best brands on the market

Samsung CU7000 TV – trust Austin's top TV installers for all of your needs.
Bat City Samsung CU8000
Samsung Frame TV – call us today to get a quote on your TV installation.
Samsung Q60C TV – sold, installed, and configured by Bat City TV.
Samsung Q70C TV – buy yours and get it installed by professionals today.
Samsung Q80C TV – Bat City TV sells and installs high-quality home and business technology.
Samsung QN800C TV – Bat City TV installs and configures TVs in Austin.
Samsung QN85C TV – call Bat City TV for all of your Austin TV installation needs.
Samsung QN900C TV – contact Bat City for a TV installation quote today.
Samsung QN90C TV – Bat City TV sources and installs televisions in Austin.
Samsung QN95C TV – purchase your TV and have it installed in Austin.
Samsung S90C TV – Bat City TV sources and installs TVs in the Austin area.
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