Master The Sleek Look: How To Hide Wires for Wall-Mounted TV

Have you had your TV professionally mounted, only to notice the cords surrounding your flat screen are terrible to look at? In today’s world, sleek and minimalist interior designs are the cornerstone of modernism. The sight of dangling wires can be an eyesore, especially when it comes with a beautifully wall-mounted television.

Fortunately, hiding those wires doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a few simple techniques and creative solutions, you can achieve a clean, clutter-free look. In this guide, we’ll explore different methods on how to hide TV wires with wall-mounted TVs. Are you ready to enhance your viewing experience?

Plan Your Setup:

Before hiding wires, think about where power outlets are around your TV’s placement. Find the power outlets and any other items like cable boxes, gaming consoles, or audio systems that might affect wire hiding.

By planning your setup, you can ensure concealing your wires is effective, and seamlessly integrated into your decor. Plan, consider your room’s layout, and position the components to where you find most visually appealing. 

Idea 1: Use Cable Concealers

Using cable concealers is one of the easiest ways to hide TV cords on a wall-mounted TV. These plastic cord holders can easily attach to your wall or tv stand and be painted to match. All you have to do to get a neat appearance is place the wires inside the channel and snap the cover shut. 

Cord covers/cable raceways

Cable raceways and cord covers are your go-to solution if you want to tidy up the TV wires or fully hide cords behind your TV. These channels are designed to conceal wires along your walls, preventing them from hanging loose and creating a mess. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, they can blend well with your decor while accommodating all different types of wires. 

Installing them is super easy, requiring just basic tools like a level and some adhesive strips or screws. By guiding wires through these raceways or covers, you can achieve a polished look without breaking a sweat. 

And the best part? Many models come with snap-on covers or hinged designs for easy access to your cables whenever you need them. Using cord covers will elevate the overall style of your living space without having to drill a hole in the wall. 

Cable sleeves

When aiming to tidy up the wires for your wall-mounted TV, cable sleeves are an option for a versatile and effective solution. These sleeves are flexible and designed to hold multiple cables together, reducing clutter and creating a neater appearance. 

Cable sleeves come in various lengths and diameters, and their flexibility allows for easy installation, as they can be wrapped around cables with little effort. Additionally, cable sleeves have an opening that lets you insert or remove cables, without having to unravel the entire bundle. 

Whether you opt for a classic black sleeve or a bright color, cable sleeves provide a simple yet effective solution for achieving a tidy TV setup for your living room.

Idea 3: Go Wireless

If hiding wires altogether sounds like the ideal solution, you should consider going wireless. Many modern TVs and electronic devices offer wireless options, allowing you to stream content without the need for physical cables. 

Wireless HDMI kits, for example, allow you to transmit video and audio signals from your devices to your TV without any wires. Opt-in for wireless speakers and soundbars to eliminate the need for speaker wires, providing a clean and clutter-free setup.

Idea 4: Get a TV Cord Hiding Kit

Getting a TV cord-hiding kit is your all-in-one solution for concealing and organizing cables around your TV. These cord concealment kits usually come equipped with cable raceways, cord clips, covers, mounts, and grommets, allowing you to achieve the sleek aesthetic you desire. 

With user-friendly instructions and straightforward installation methods, these kits are suitable for DIY enthusiasts and those with limited handyman experience. Using TV cord-hiding kits removes the hassle of hiring professionals without eliminating the modern and elegant look you strive for!


In conclusion, hiding wires for a wall-mounted TV isn’t a daunting task, with the right techniques and solutions, it’s achievable. Whether you opt for cable concealers, cord covers, cable sleeves, floating shelves, or wireless options, there are many ways to achieve a clean and clutter-free appearance that enhances the aesthetic of your living space. 

By planning your setup carefully and exploring various methods outlined in this guide, you can transform your entertainment area into an appealing environment that elevates your viewing experience. It’s time to say hello to a modern and elegant entertainment setup!

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